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Practice Area: Domestic Relations/Child Custody

Updated: May 16, 2020

Although many might believe family law related issues can be handled without the assistance of an experienced lawyer, it is always the best practice to contact legal representation as soon as a family law related conflict arises.

Our firm cares not only about our clients, but their families and futures. We will work tirelessly to assist clients in need of compassionate and seasoned representation during some of the most emotionally draining, family law related situations. When children are involved, we appreciate that additional stresses can be placed on an entire family, which is why we work hard to provide our full support and legal advocacy.

Regardless of what your case may be, our firm utilizes its range of skills and knowledge to protect the rights of you and your family members in a variety of areas, including:


Child Visitation

Child Custody

Child Support

Spousal Support/ Alimony

Legal Separation

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